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The Fractional SEO

With The Fractional SEO you get the best of both agency and in-house SEO. You get the senior level leadership and expert strategy of an experienced agency leader plus the flexibility and team integration as a fractional, part-time, in-house SEO. 




Fed up with the lackluster results of your current agency and tired of cycling through agency after agency? The Fractional SEO gives marketing teams an option for a part-time, fractional, in-house SEO resource.

The Fractional SEO Services

Your SEO success shouldn’t be overly complicated and certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. As a Fractional SEO I am a flexible part-time member of your team who leads SEO strategy, coordinates with company and marketing initiatives, actively participates in marketing meetings and implements SEO work. Below are a few of the key areas of focus.

Revenue-Driven SEO

Too many inexperienced SEOs and SEO agencies focus on “best practice SEO” with checklists and audits to drive strategy. The Fractional SEO focuses on revenue and creates strategies and priorities based on growing the bottom line. SEO is not a passive checklist based channel, and needs the right experience to become the highest performing marketing channel.

Customer-Centered Content Strategy

Gone are the days of keyword and search-volume driven strategies. The Fractional SEO creates a content strategy that puts your customers at the center. I take time to understand who the audience is, what their JTBD (jobs to be done) are and how our content can best reach them.

Ongoing Technical Support

Technical SEO is often undervalued and only implemented after something goes wrong. The Fractional SEO not only implements technical SEO when things go wrong, but leverages technical SEO to drive targeted traffic and grow revenue.

Active Digital PR

Link-building is hard, expensive and even when successful, doesn’t drive revenue. The Fractional SEO builds brand authority and discoverability in places where your future customers frequently visit. This includes activating your company experts in guesting on podcasts, quoted in publications, and sharing their expertise.

SEO Testing

SEO is often mistakenly treated as a “one-and-done” channel where once content is “optimized” you move on and never look back. The Fractional SEO tests and iterates on content, messaging, and optimization to increase rankings, traffic and ultimately revenue.

Share of Voice

Google’s SERP for your most important product keywords are filled with articles like “top 10 [product solution]”. The Fractional SEO not only focuses on getting your website to rank for your product keywords but works to increase your share of voice by working to get your product listed on other pages on the SERP.

Why Hire A Fractional SEO?

Many marketers I work with are tired of dealing with SEO agencies that do minimal implementation and are disconnected from the company. they also feel stuck because there isn’t enough budget for a full-time inhouse SEO. The Fractional SEO takes the best of both worlds with the flexibility you can afford.

Who is Andrew Eagar?

Hi, I’m Andrew!

As a senior SEO leader and Director of SEO in both agency and inhouse environments I experienced first-hand the struggles and deficiencies of both. I started The Fractional SEO as a way to better serve companies that need more from their agency but aren’t ready for a full-time in-house SEO. My unique experience allows me to fill that need. 

I am a firm believer that SEO is at it’s best when it is a fully integrated part of the marketing team. SEO Strategy is so much better when it can learn from the success and even the failings of ABM, PPC, Email, and social. SEO strategy is at it’s best when it comes from someone familiar with the product and company. 

While leading teams of 20+ SEOs at agencies I was responsible for developing the SEO product responsible the organic performance of our clients. I created custom strategies, and worked one-on-one with client POCs. 

While implementing SEO strategies inhouse I coordinated with all marketing, product, and website efforts to implement effective and efficient SEO strategies. 

With fifteen years of direct SEO experience, I know what it takes to drive organic/SEO performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The better part of my career has been spent as a Director of SEO at agencies. There are three main challenges Agencies face that negatively impact their effectiveness. 

  1. Agencies are constantly pushing for higher profitability. This makes one of main responsibilities of an SEO Director to drive the most value at increasingly lower cost. Directors are often forced to hire less experienced SEOs to drive costs down. 
  2. Agencies aren’t built for true collaboration. As an effort to keep cost down agencies create one-way reports and reporting calls to communicate value. This 
  3. Agencies work employees hard leading to high turnover. This in turn fractures continuity and sets performance back as we start from scratch with another person and another strategy. 

The Fractional SEO overcomes these challenges by having less overhead than an agency, full integration with clients for superior collaboration, and client partnerships that last years. 

Hiring an in-house SEO is all about timing. Hiring the SEO of your dreams can be expensive and take a long time. Many companies can’t afford a revenue driving SEO leader and make the mistake of hiring a less expensive junior SEO and hope for the best. 

Fractional SEO has a sweet spot joining marketing teams of 3-6 people. These usually include a VP of Revenue Operations, Data Analyst, Marketing Manager and one to two content specialists.

As a Fractional SEO pricing is very flexible and can change quarter by quarter based on the needs of the company and marketing team. Typical engagements are anywhere from $3,000-$8,000 /mo at $125/hr. 

Inhouse SEOs are typically a salary of $100k/yr with total cost to employer of $130k/yr or nearly $11,000/mo. 

Most performance agencies have a minimum of $10,000/mo at a rate of $200/hr. That’s $10,000 for 50 hours of work.

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