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I have reviewed over 84 SEO companies in Alabama and have put together a list of the top SEO companies in Alabama. As a seasoned SEO professional, and one who has worked at various agencies, I can confidently say that these below agencies represent the very best Alabama has to offer. 

To make it on this list, agencies must have exceptional customer reviews, clear evidence of client performance in case studies, and staff experienced in SEO. I do NOT receive payment from any of the SEO agencies on this list. If an SEO company is on this list, it is on their merit alone.

Written By: Andrew Eagar
Updated: 11/8/2023

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Top SEO Companies in Alabama

High Level Marketing SEO Company Logo

High Level Marketing

Company Overview: High Level Marketing in Birmingham, AL, optimizes online presence with comprehensive SEO, focusing on keyword research, technical SEO, content and backlink strategies, and Google Business Profile enhancements for lead generation.

Customer Quote:

“The SEO work is top notch in bringing us the leads we need. Could not be happier!”

Why We Chose Them:

High level Marketing made it on our list as they have quite the presence in Alabama. With 3 locations across the state and over 100 employees, we were excited to included them in this list. We also noticed that over 40% of their staff have at least some experience in SEO. We reviewed the Linkedin profiles of each of their SEO specific staff and noticed that most of them had over 5 years of experience in SEO. We also enjoyed reading through over 150 customers reviews on Google. The theme of their customer reviews is their professionalism, expertise, and overwhelmingly the performance and results. 

Inner Spark Creative

Company Overview: In Auburn, AL, Inner Spark Creative offers full-service digital marketing, including social media, PPC, video, and SEO, ensuring effective online presence and engagement. 

Customer Quote:

“They have a competent and passionate staff that will work hard to help grow your business.”

Why We Chose Them:

Inner Spark Creative has been added to our top seo companies in Alabama primarily due to their positive client reviews. We found that they have 11 reviews on Google. It isn’t just the number of positive words but the content in each review. We read through each review and found multiple uses of what we call “trigger words”. Trigger words are things like “positive results” or “partnership”. it could also be when reviews mention a specific team member by name. This may seem like a small thing, but to us, we recognize these words emphasizing the true value, customer service, and performance that Spark Creative provides. 

V3 Media Group

Company Overview: Auburn-based V3 Media Group offers comprehensive digital solutions including SEO, website design, and development, focused on custom strategies and measurable results..   

Customer Quote:

“By far your best options for solutions to search engine optimization, website design, marketing”

Why We Chose Them:

We included V3 Media Group in our list of top SEO companies in Alabama due to their successful use of a wholistic approach to digital marketing, including SEO. We reviewed each Linkedin profile of their staff and found that many who had experience in SEO also had experience in other digital marketing tactics as well. We coupled this with our research into their thirty-five customer reviews on Google. All of their reviews are 5 stars, but beyond that, we read each review and were impressed with how much the customers value the wholistic approach. Customers seem to value V3 media group and the their wholistic approach to SEO, their professionalism, and their expertise. 

Zellus Marketing company logo

Zellus Marketing of Huntsville

Company Overview: Zellus Marketing in Huntsville, AL excels in SEO with on-page optimization, keyword research, link campaigns, and transparent reporting, alongside adept management of off-page factors like backlinks and local listings.

Customer Quote:

“We highly recommend Zellus to any business looking to obtain proven SEO Marketing results!”

Why We Chose Them:

Zellus Marketing was included in our list of top SEO companies in Alabama primarily due to their 34 positive reviews on Google. We read through each of the 34 reviews and were impressed with how many customers talked about the positive customer experience. many reviews would mention employees by name which denotes a certain level of partnership Zellus Marketing has with customers. We also noticed how clients leverage the experience of the team. Many of the reviews appreciated the responsiveness and insightfulness of the staff. 

Fusion One Marketing​ SEO Agency Logo

Fusion One Marketing

Company Overview: Fusion One in Birmingham, AL offers SEO with a focus on content relevance, keyword optimization, and on-page structuring to enhance online visibility and authority.

Customer Quote:

“We looked at several marketing firms and decided to go with Fusion One, pleased with our results.”

Why We Chose Them:

Fusion One Marketing was included in our list of top SEO companies in Alabama primarily due to their 50+ positive reviews on Google. We enjoyed reading through each review to get a better understanding of the business and what customers found most valuable. We found that many customers found success in campaigns due to a wholistic digital marketing approach. Many customers didn’t mention just one service but multiple services that they leverage with Fusion One marketing. Additionally, we found that some customers have worked with Fusion One Marketing for 10+ years. This sticks out to us and speaks volumes to the level of performance and customer service that Fusion One Marketing provides. 

SEO Companies in Specific Alabama Cities

Our Methodology For Ranking Alabama SEO Companies

I evaluated dozens of Alabama SEO agencies factoring over 50 relevant points of information for each. Below is an outline of the categories of areas that I evaluated. 

  • Client Performance: For each agency in this list I review case studies and the specific reviews from customers to gauge client performance. I look for clear factors of successful performance such as keyword ranking, traffic increases, and lead growth.
  • Employee Experience: I review the LinkedIn profiles of every SEO employee at each of the SEO Alabama SEO agencies. I look for total years of SEO specific experience and the overall depth of that experience. I identify if their experience is more strategic, customer service, or implementation focused. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: I review customer reviews on Google and other 3rd party websites. I evaluate the quality of the review and what customers enjoyed about their experience. I look for ratings on customer service and performance. I also looked for indications of the length of client engagements which all denote high levels of customer satisfaction. 
  • Location: I made sure that each business listed on this page is located in or near Alabama.  

About the Author

Andrew Eagar

Andrew Eagar is an SEO expert with over 15 years of SEO experience. He has been the Director of SEO at 4 different agencies. He has built SEO departments from the ground up, has lead SEO teams of over 25 people, and has contributed SEO thought leadership to websites like Moz, Clutch, and many others. 

Andrew’s experience leading SEO agencies at 4 different companies makes him uniquely qualified to assess the value and quality of each. He can look beyond agency marketing material and assess the substance of their value and the quality of their work. 

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of The Fractional SEO, an agency alternative. The Fractional SEO works to bridge the gap between agency and in-house.

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