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Top SEO Firms Top SEO Companies in Alabama Top SEO Companies Montgomery, AL

Many Montgomery businesses both small and large prefer hiring SEO services based locally in Montgomery, AL. As an SEO professional with over 15 years experience in SEO, I wanted to provide a list of the top SEO companies in Montgomery, Alabama. I reviewed the services of over 9 SEO companies in Montgomery. From there I have narrowed down to the below top 3 SEO companies. SEO companies in this list were vetted based on a defined methodology with criteria we felt businesses care most about including but not limited to, a track record of client performance, the expertise of staff, and customer satisfaction. We receive no compensation from agencies in this list. If an SEO company is listed here, it is by their merit alone.

Written By: Andrew Eagar
Updated: 9/11/2023

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Top SEO Companies in Montgomery, AL

Tommy House Studios Seo Company Logo

Tommy House Studios

Company Overview: Located in Montgomery, AL, Tommy House Studios specializes in elevating businesses with expert SEO, comprehensive social media strategies, and local directory listings to ensure strong online visibility and market success.

Customer Quote:

“We pay less than half what others charge, and we get help with SEO, ecommerce and more.”

Why We Chose Them:

Tommy House Studios has 23 Google reviews with an average rating of 5.0. Aside from the many positive reviews we were interested in the SEO case studies listed on the website. We read through each review and were impressed with the significant improvement across the board. We noted that some of the keywords are considered fairly competitive and Tommy House Studios was able to get 1st position ranking for many of the terms.

Kindred Technology Group, LLC

Company Overview: Based in Montgomery, AL, Kindred Technology Group excels in local SEO and internet marketing, offering targeted social media strategies to significantly enhance online visibility and customer interaction.

Customer Quote:

They have built me a great website and I started getting customers within 1 month which is great.

Why We Chose Them:

Kindred Technology Group, LLC has 11 positive reviews on Google with an average rating of 5.0. We read through each review and were impressed with how ecstatic customers were to leave a positive comment on their services. It was clear to us that customers value their partnership and performance with Kindred Technology Group.

Dogwood Media Solutions, LLC Seo Company Logo

Dogwood Media Solutions, LLC

Company Overview: Dogwood Media Solutions, located in Pike Road, AL, focuses on creating comprehensive digital solutions including modern web design, content creation, SEO as an ongoing strategy, and managing social media presence. They also offer digital advertising, videography, graphic design, email marketing, and public relations to craft a holistic brand image and online presence.  

Customer Quote:

“They are very responsive, helpful, and reasonably priced.  We would highly recommend them!”

Why We Chose Them:

Dogwood Media Solutions caught our eye not only because of the positive reviews on Google, but for their work and case studies on their website. One SEO case study stood out as it detailed the SEO strategies implemented to get the positive results. They leveraged topic clusters to increase keyword ranking to within 7 months grew the site to have 68% of organic traffic coming from new users.

Our Methodology For Ranking Montgomery SEO Companies

I evaluated 9 Montgomery SEO agencies factoring in over 50 relevant points of information for each. Below is an outline of the categories I evaluated. 

  • Client Performance: For each agency in this list I review case studies and the specific reviews from customers to gauge client performance. I look for clear factors of successful performance such as keyword ranking, traffic increases, and lead growth.
  • Employee Experience: I review the LinkedIn profiles of every SEO employee at each of the SEO Montgomery SEO agencies. I look for total years of SEO specific experience and the overall depth of that experience. I identify if their experience is more strategic, customer service, or implementation focused. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: I review customer reviews on Google and other 3rd party websites. I evaluate the quality of the review and what customers enjoyed about their experience. I look for ratings on customer service and performance. I also looked for indications of the length of client engagements which all denote high levels of customer satisfaction. 
  • Location: I made sure that each business listed on this page is located in or near Montgomery, AL.  

About the Author

Andrew Eagar

Andrew Eagar is an SEO expert with over 15 years of SEO experience. He has been the Director of SEO at 4 different agencies. He has built SEO departments from the ground up, has lead SEO teams of over 25 people, and has contributed SEO thought leadership to websites like Moz, Clutch, and many others. 

Andrew’s experience leading SEO agencies at 4 different companies makes him uniquely qualified to assess the value and quality of each. He can look beyond agency marketing material and assess the substance of their value and the quality of their work. 

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of The Fractional SEO, an agency alternative. The Fractional SEO works to bridge the gap between agency and in-house.

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